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Let me ask you something. You happy with your color?

我问你啊 你对自己的肤色满意不?

Fuckin' love my color. Fuckin' mahogany.

爱死了 我肤色是红木那种红褐色

Yeah. You're mahogany. Yeah.

对诶 你是有点像红木 是的

Hell, yeah.


You happy with your color? No.

那你对你的肤色满意吗? 不满意

Huh? No? Ah, well, what is it? What is it?

不满意吗? 呃 怎么说 这算啥?算啥?

You're like a... a porridge,


a cream of wheat, a farina, that kind of shit.

麦片粥 淀粉糊 类似的东西

That's what white people's skin tone is. Right.

白人的肤色就是这些了 对

It's just different kinds of hot cereal. Right, right.

款式不同的麦片粥罢了 对的 对的

Black people, your skin tone's like,

黑人的肤色呢 就像...

it depends on the amount of milk you put in the coffee.


Fuckin' right. I'm like a fuckin' Yoo- hoo.

真他妈准确 我就像Yoo- hoo饮料一样

I shake that motherfucker up. I'm shakin' it up. Yoo hoo's a good color.

喝前摇一摇 摇出好味道 Yoo hoo饮料的肤色是个好颜色

Fuckin' good color. Shit. Yeah, Yoo hoo's a really good color.

真他妈的好颜色 操 是 Yoo hoo颜色好极了




There you go.


Somewhere between...


Wait, excuse me? What the... what the fuck?

不是 你等下? 什么...什么鬼?

Hey. Larry.

嘿 拉里

Randi. Yeah. You got it.

兰迪 对 你记对了

I'm a friend of Susie's. I know, I know, I know. Yeah.

我是苏西的朋友 我知道 知道知道 嗯

Happy New Year.



It's a little late, frankly,

说实话 你现在说新年快乐

for the "Happy New Years," you know?

有点晚了 你知道

Why? It just happened a couple of weeks ago, right?

为啥?才过几周 不是吗?

Yeah, that's too long.

嗯 几周就太长了

The statute of limitations


has kind of run out on the "New Years."


Three days. Plenty. Three days?

三天的时效 足够了 三天?

By the way, everything doesn't have to be happy.

另外 不是啥事儿都得快乐

Why does everything have to be happy?


I'm having a pretty good day. Yeah. Look at you.

我今天就挺好的 那可不 瞧瞧你

That's, that's huge. Yeah, I'm about eight months.

这挺大了哈 是 我这快八个月大了

If you need some name tips, I'm your guy.

你如果需要起名的建议 找我就对了

Yeah. What would you suggest?

真的 那你推荐什么名字?

Maybe something, uh, Swedish, perhaps?

大概可以取一个 像瑞典人的名字?

Yeah, I'm... my husband is African- American,

呃 那个...我丈夫是黑人

so I'm not sure that would, I don't know, gel.

所以我觉得那不太...怎么说呢 不太搭

You like saying that, don't you.

你喜欢提那茬事儿 不是吗?

Do I like saying that he's African American? Yeah.

我喜欢提他是黑人? 嗯

I think you wanted me to know.


Does it change your opinion of me?


In some ways, yes. In some ways, no.

可以说会 也可以说不会

Okay. All right.

行吧 好叻

Enjoy your workout.


What are you doing?




What's with the... What's with the jogging?


I'm... I'm working out.


Working out? Yeah.

锻炼? 是啊

You, you're jostling the fetus.


You can't... You can't run in your condition.


Uh, yes, I can.

呃 我可以跑啊

I was advised by my midwife


that I should continue to work out.


Maybe you want to consult your blacksmith.


See what he has to say about it.


Oh, I don't, uh, want to get into it with you, but, um...

呃 我不想和你争 好吧 但是呢...

my fetus, my problem, okay?

我的胎儿 我来管 行吗?

I pity that fetus.


Oh, my God. I can't watch this.

天哪 我看不下去了

Happy New Year. Yeah, Happy New Year.

新年快乐 嗯嗯 新年快乐

Hey, hey, hey. Come on. Come on, man.

嘿嘿嘿 消停点儿 伙计

You gotta stay dry. You're over talcing here.

我得保持干燥 你这搽太多粉了

Ugh! Happy New Year.

呃噢! 新年快乐

Yeah, yeah.

嗯 嗯

I couldn't even breathe in there. Right.

我在那儿都没法呼吸了 是吧

He was putting talc under his arm,


on his balls... It was disgusting.


I mean, who still uses that? I use that shit all the time.

我说 谁还用那玩意儿? 我经常用啊

Can't be good for you. Not if you're allergic to it.

那东西不安全吧 你要是过敏 就肯定不安全

My Auntie Rey put some of that shit on her,


and went into anaphylactic shock.


Really? Yeah. Started shakin' and shit. Took her to the ER.

真的假的? 真的 全身发抖 把她送去急诊室

Man, they had to pump her stomach for nothing. That's incredible.

那家伙 都上胃泵了 太吓人了

Yeah, man.

那可不 老哥

Look at this guy in the MAGA hat. Boy. You don't see...

你看这人戴了个MAGA帽 是哦 你别说...

You don't see many of those in LA, do you? You fuckin' don't.

洛杉矶看不到几个戴这的 不是么? 他妈真看不到几个

Know what I noticed? No one ever wears those hats on backwards.


I mean, if you're gonna get your ass kicked, you want to see it coming.

我说 你即使想挨揍 也希望能看到对方从前面来

I like that.


Yeah. Mocha... Mocha Joe's

是吧 乔家摩卡

Mocha Joe. I know a Mocha Joe.

摩卡乔 我认识一个摩卡乔

You want some coffee? Sure. Okay.

你想喝咖啡吗? 行啊 走

Let's go in here. Get a little latte.

咱进去 喝杯拿铁

Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Thank you.

谢谢光临 感谢支持 也谢谢你

Have a great day.


Whoa! Blast from the past. Oh, boy, oh, boy.

哇哦!别来无恙啊 你瞧瞧 你瞧瞧

Larry David. Wow. Mocha Joe!

拉里大卫 哇哦 摩卡乔!

Long time, no see, man. What are you doin' here? Hey!

好久不见啊 老哥 你来这儿干嘛 嘿!

What's your name? Leon.

你叫? 里昂

Leon. Nice to meet you. This is unreal.

里昂 很高兴见到你 这也太巧了

Do you believe it? Huh? What can I get you guys?


I'll get a... Do you have scones?


Yeah. Right there. They're beautiful.

有啊 就那儿 好吃又好看

Great. I'll have a scone, and a, uh, cup of coffee.

真棒 那我要一个司康饼 再来一杯咖啡

Cup of coffee and a scone. What about you, Leon? Let me get a latte.

咖啡和司康饼 你呢 里昂? 给我来杯拿铁

All right. One scone, a coffee, a latte.

好叻 一个司康饼 一杯咖啡 一杯拿铁

That's $11.50.

一共是 11.5 美元

There you go. Keep the change.

给你 零钱你就留着吧

Oh, thanks for the tip. Appreciate it.

噢 谢谢你的小费 我很感激

A latte and a coffee, please. Thank you.

要杯拿铁和咖啡 谢谢


It's a little soft.


What, the scone?

什么 司康饼吗?

Yeah. Scones are supposed to be hard. This is like a muffin.

是的 司康饼应该是硬的 这个和小松糕一样

Well, not really. It's supposed to be fresh.

呃 并不是 司康饼得是新鲜的

Yeah, fresh hard.


Well, that's a fresh scone.

嗯 总之那是新鲜的司康饼

I'm not quite sure you know what a scone is, Mocha Joe.

我不确定你懂司康饼是什么 摩卡乔

Oh, I know what a scone is. Do you?

噢 我可懂司康饼了 你真懂吗?

Yeah. You may have a looser definition of scone than I do.

懂 你对司康饼的定义可能不如我准确

I don't think it's really open to interpretation, though.


You want the scone, or not?

你要这个司康饼 还是不要?

Yeah, I'll keep the scone- slash- muffin.

要 我要这个司康饼兼小松糕

So you're gonna keep the scone? Yeah. Muffin. Yeah.

所以你会留着这个司康饼? 是的 松糕 留着

Enjoy the scone, Larry.

请享用你的司康饼 拉里

Hey, you got any Danishes? Uh, no.

嘿 你有丹麦糕饼吗? 呃 没有

You're fuckin' up.




Oh, my God.


Look at this table. Do you believe it? Wow.

你看看这桌子 你敢信吗? 天

Wow. Hey, uh, hey, Mocha Joe.

天哪 嘿 那个 嘿 摩卡乔



Check out this table. Yeah?

你看下你这桌子 桌子怎么了?

It's a wobb... You got a wobbly table, here.


Yeah, well, stop moving it.

是 那你别摇它呗